Umpire Registration

Please use the form below to register as an umpire for the Snowbird Baseball Classic.

The Snowbird Classic is inviting qualified college umpires to work NCAA college games from:
February 16 through March 25, 2018.

The umpire program is as follows:

  • Umpires must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Umpires must provide references from past events worked.
  • Umpires are responsible for their own round-trip transportation to and from the tournament sites and their own accommodations during their time at the tournament.
  • Umpires will work 2 man crews for all Division II and III.
  • Umpires will work 3 man crews for all Division I.
  • Umpires will be considered sub-contractors and not employees of Snowbird Baseball, LLC.
  • Baseball Umpires will be paid $90 per 7 inning game and $125 per 9 inning game less a 5% assigning fee.
  • Umpires will be paid weekly on Saturday or at the end of their stay. Each umpire is required to turn in a completed W-9 form and Release form each year and a completed Umpire Pay Sheet for each pay period.
  • Any games started but not finished will be paid at $40 per game per umpire. Play must begin to be considered started. Games not started will not be paid.
  • All umpire assignments are at the discretion of the tournament umpire assignor.
  • Snowbird Baseball LLC reserves the right to terminate an umpire at any time at the discretion of the tournament director or umpire assignor.
  • Registration does not guarantee a specific number of games nor a specific schedule.

Any questions, email


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  2018: Feb. 16 - Mar. 25
2019: Feb. 15- Mar. 26

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