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  • NCAA baseball rules are in effect for all games.
  • All NCAA games will be 9 innings, unless the same two teams play a doubleheader in which case both games will be 7 innings.
  • Line-up Cards and Dugout cards for Snowbird Classic games will be provided.
  • The home plate umpire will keep the official game line-ups and substitutions.
  • DI: All game baseballs will be furnished by the Home Team.
  • Teams shall vacate the dugouts as soon as the game is over so that the next game’s teams can get ready to play. We ask that all teams clean up their respective dugouts before vacating them.
  • All games will be considered regulation games.
  • Protest: If a rules interpretation is questioned during the course of a game, the coach challenging the ruling should call time out and protest the game with the home plate umpire before the next pitch (protest cannot be heard if not made before the next pitch). The home plate umpire will stop the game to explain the ruling or the supervisor of umpires or tournament director shall be called via cell phone. If neither the supervisor of umpires nor the tournament director can be contacted, the umpires on the field should consult the NCAA rule book and make a final and binding ruling.
  • The grounds crew will get 25 minutes to prepare the field for the game.
  • Each team will get 10 minutes of infield practice:
    Home team infield: begins 45 minutes before game and ends 35 minutes before game.
    Away team: Begins 35 minutes before game and ends 25 minutes before game.
  2015: Feb. 13 - April 1
2016: Feb. 12 - Mar 31
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